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Step 1

Go to, locate "Click Here To Vote" on the Button within the page and click/tap or locate the photo of your favourite contestant and click/tap on it

Step 2

If you clicked on the button, Scroll through the displayed contestant to locate your desired contestant, when found, click on the "Vote" button under the image of the desired contestant.

Step 3

Enter your details: First Name, Last Name, Email, Total Number of Votes, and choose the payment option(Payment option is set to Paystack for Now), then click "Pay to Vote" Button.

Step 4

Enter the required details to paystack, when you are debited successfully, your vote will be casted seamlessly.


You can vote multiple times at once. All you need to do is to enter any desired number of vote when you are entering the "Total Number of Votes". Also, You can return to cast more votes for your contestant. It is also worthy of note that all bank details are secured by Paystack.

Votes are added automatically and result updated seamlessly. After You have casted your vote, you can go ahead and click result on the menu bar to check the update of the total vote of your contestant.

If you are now well informed, please, click the button bellow or above this page to go voting now. If you still have more questions to ask, please, contact the support team

Click Here To Vote

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